11 Ağustos 2019

Impact of Realism

I am going to share my opinion about thinking realistic to design something or fix something. I would specify the idea for engineering but I argue that this opinion can be said for other simple situations. In this context, It might happen that I use realism word for wrong meaning, but I have tried to explain my idea with using the examples of my mind. I have not imagined deeply this structure to generate new ideology part, so it can include lots of sides that they have some contradictions. However, I think that this idea can overcome these wrong particular incorrections.
When we are analyzing something happening in front of us, we generally use our logical experiences and scientific facts. For example, a positioned ball to make ready to drop. You can quickly estimate what time it elapses and what is the falling time. There is actually obvious connection with your physical background to calculate or predict the time. If you know basic movement laws or basic formulations of motion, you can express exact results. At this point, real things happen themselves. You can not change it.
On the other hand, if you do not know physics or you have not any experiences about nature enough, it is simple that you can not point the same result. Because your mind is a prison. It is prison because of this knowledge or this vocation or this information that is used to calculate.
Think about traveling in a car. You have a long way to arrive at your destination. This is given that the distance between you and your destination. It is numerical data somehow, and you can easily learn the speed of the car whenever you want. And this is simply that you can calculate the traveling time. This progress uses scientific experiences to estimate the time. But if you did not know this knowledge for calculation, you might try to predict. Also, it may be the wrong prediction. By the way, this prediction includes different deep knowledge and experiences somehow but generally, it is your pure opinion and pure idea. The creativity is more active at this side. Options and choices are more independent. Different opposite ideas can be said at this moment. Indeed, we know that this progress likely connects with our psychological background. So this is dependence. However, my point is the connection about technical knowledge that person knows. Look at the example again. A person who knows about motion laws and speed formulas, easily can say the exact numerical result. The other person, who does not know the same information, hesitates firstly to find or predict. And this scene, I think, has enormous outcomes. This prediction is far away from technical stuff and unique because of pure exploring vision.
For example, the distance is 2 km, and your maximum speed is 6 km per hour. The person who knows the calculation can say that the traveling time is 20 mins. But the other one might say a number lower than this minimum time or bigger than 20 mins. It really seems that creativity is owned by the other one. Even this quite necessary information or scientific formulation can make person prisoner and prevent him from thinking independent and futuristic.
Turn back the first person. Is he creative or innovative? Of course, yes. Or maybe. He can think again, and he finds himself to thing with creativity too. But even if it was correct, the other one, who does not know physics, is the winner to nature. He is more innovative likely. And this opinion can make new ideas to solve the same problem -traveling time.
Looking at design a mechanism or a mechanical component. Actually, this is not important the main root needs not being about mechanics. Desing progress has already been connected with realistic laws and experiences. I want actually to show non-technical progress of the production. Knowing scientific stuff makes designer depended. If scientific data says this is impossible or likely, your mind has a tendency to reject the option. Use the example, you probably say this traveling can not elapse 19 mins. This is not your sentence, of course, it is a sentence of the science. This simple formulation, but in a complex mechanism, there are different other laws to solve the problem or design the system. And your mind a prisoner at this point.
My idea is that knowledge sometimes can make us blind to solve different and unique. This is quite hard progress. Because knowing something is easy for a human mind. The person must overcome all of the effects from the public, science, its psychology, its nature, and even its knowledge.